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Adult Criminal Defense
Juvenile Defense
Larry McCotter has been honestly representing accused citizens in Texas, at a reasonable price, for more than 20 years.  His practice is dedicated exclusively to Criminal Defense and Juvenile Delinquency Defense
* Driving While Intoxicated
* Drug Cases / Possession of Controlled Substance
* Possession of Marijuana
* Theft - Shoplifting
* Theft by Check
* Assault / Domestic Violence
* Sexual Assault
* Sexual Assault of a Child / Indecency
* Online Solicitation of a Minor
* Prostitution
* Aggravated Assault
* Murder
* Juvenile Cases
* Motions to Revoke / Adjudicate
* Accident Involving Damage
* Failure to Give Information / Render Aid
* Credit / Debit Card Abuse
* Burglary
* Robbery / Aggravated Robbery
* Weapons Cases
* Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle
* Evading Arrest / Detention
* Public Intoxication
* Driving While License Invalid / Suspended
* Tampering with Evidence
* Expunctions
* Non-Disclosure Orders
* Occupatonal Driver's Licences
* Sealing Juvenile Records
* Bond Forfeiture 
* Failure to Appear / Bail Jumping
* Orders of Arrest
* Racing / Reckless Driving
* Drug Test Falsification Devices
* Forgery
Your or your loved-one's case is not minor.  It is not a do-it-your-self-er.  You don't know what possible defenses may exist in your case.  You don't know all of the potential, life-altering consequences - direct and collateral - that your case could result in for you.  Larry McCotter does.  Larry has been representing adults and juveniles in Texas for over two decades.  He has years of experience in all of the types of cases listed on this page.  

If you find yourself charged with a criminal case of any level, whether it be a "simple" misdemeanor or a complex and serious felony such as a drug case or sexual assault, you want an experienced attorney by your side who will truly work hard to defend you - and get you the best possible result.  And when it's time to make the State prove their case to a jury of six or twelve of your peers, you want the assurance that your lawyer has been there before and knows how to try criminal cases.   ​
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